Tuesday, 31 August 2010

North America

For the past two weeks I have been road trippin' down the west coast of North America, starting in Vancouver, Canada (where my brother lives) and taking in the sights of Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Crescent City, California, San Jose, Big Sur, San Luis Obispo and finally rounding things up in San Francisco. I don't think i've ever had so much fun solidly for two weeks in my entire life before. Neither have I seen so many great things, met so many cool people, eaten so many insane meals, drank so many delicious beers and had so many great conversations. I also got to get a bit over excited when returning to Amoeba Music in San Francisco, my favourite record shop in the whole world (conicendentally, it's also the best. Weird huh?). Jackpot Records in Portland also impressed. I also saw trees so large they struck awe into my heart and made me feel like just a puny bug on the face of the planet, ate burritos the size of babies, chilled on epic californian coast lines, stayed in the greatest hotel I have ever stayed in (the Madonna Inn, search it in google images. There is not a trace of irony about this place, and that is why it is so perfect), saw the San Franciso Giants win at the baseball, learnt how beer is made, ate pancakes for breakfast, saw Terry Richardson in the worlds biggest book shop, kept Portland weird, and loved every single damn minute of it.

My brother, who is a bit of a hippie, has got the right idea: live your life right now and enjoy every single moment. Don't fret the future, don't sweat all the small stuff and always have an adventure. That sounds like good advice to me.

In other news I will be with the good people of CampbellHay for the next three months. Rarely do you meet such a fine group of young ladies and gents, including two frenchmen.

More soon.