Saturday, 26 July 2008

Fifty Designers Current Favourite Typefaces

I just received this nifty little book in the post. It is by Create/Reject aka James West and its a compilation of fifty designers current favourite typefaces (as the name would suggest)। I always find it interesting to learn about little things about the people i admire like this, ther'es only 2000 copies, they cost £3 each all of which goes to Unicef and I think its all sold out now. There appears to be two printing errors though which is a bit odd, and nowhere does it actually say the names of the typefaces which would be a pretty cool thing to know, but oh well. Its a fun little thing and im glad I managed to nab a copy and i've scanned a few spreads so you can have a little look yourself.
What are your current favourite typefaces?

Welcome to APS booklet

I was asked to redesign the welcome booklet given to the new year 7's at Alexandra Park School in Bounds Green which is just up the road from where I live. The original was a classic mess of microsoft word clipart and comic sans. I think I did a pretty good job of the redesign myself. I used DIN throughout (one of my favourite typefaces for sure) and got my brother to do some Illustrations. However all is not good news though, as the woman I did it for really loved it, but two philistines she is going to be working with in September decided that it was no good for reasons i am yet to fully understand, so what they did was take a lot of my ideas and chop them up and stick them back together, of course using comic sans as well. Too add insult to injury they took one of my spreads blew it up to A4 (i designed the booklet as A5) then for literally no reason, changed the type into comic sans. The two women who did this are both english teachers, and i am of the opinion that this is akin to me taking their class instead of them, standing at the front reading the dictionary aloud for ten minutes then walking out, or if they were art teachers, me going round to every pupil in their class and painting a moustache and glasses on all of the work. That would be a ridiculous thing for me to do, so where did they come up with the justification to do it to me? Some people really are just idiots, arnt they?
Anyway have a quick look at the selection of spreads ive scanned in here and tell me what you think! Hope you like it.