Saturday, 26 July 2008

Fifty Designers Current Favourite Typefaces

I just received this nifty little book in the post. It is by Create/Reject aka James West and its a compilation of fifty designers current favourite typefaces (as the name would suggest)। I always find it interesting to learn about little things about the people i admire like this, ther'es only 2000 copies, they cost £3 each all of which goes to Unicef and I think its all sold out now. There appears to be two printing errors though which is a bit odd, and nowhere does it actually say the names of the typefaces which would be a pretty cool thing to know, but oh well. Its a fun little thing and im glad I managed to nab a copy and i've scanned a few spreads so you can have a little look yourself.
What are your current favourite typefaces?

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