Monday, 25 February 2008


Just watched the documentary 'Helvetica' which i think was released last year but i didnt get round to seeing it then. It is really really good and if you are into graphic design and/or typography at all, definitely bother to see it.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Happy Birthday Deniz

shes 21 today

Sunset in the land of photoshop

A new addition to my on going ghostworld series (yes, named after the graphic novel, no, not really anything to do with it, im just a huuuge Clowes fan). You should be able to click to enlarge

Monday, 18 February 2008


Build are a London based studio. I've seen their work around for a while but only finally bothered to look up their site. Man, i wish i had designed the poster above. I think they're rapidly becoming a personal favourite.
Get clicking!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Things I like: Maria!

One of my best friends Maria just started a new blog. She is small and blonde and from Sweden! Its called 'The Things I Like (and things i hate)' - you may be able to guess she posts about things she likes and things she hates. So far she's just posted about things she likes, which is a surprise, because i know her, and i know she hates a lot of stuff. Its a really simple idea but i think its a really good one, plus she has lots of pretty photos and it looks very nice indeed (she just got a fancy pants new camera and everything)
Head over there and maybe Maria will like you too

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

i made two posters for my better half. Sure, i didn't print them out i just showed them to her on screen but she said she really liked them. I did MAKE her a mixtape though (classic) and got her a book so I'm not THAT lazy. I may post pictures of that later also as i was quite pleased with the mixtape design. The small body copy on the posters is a series of injokes that only really me and her would get. :) .What did you do this valentines day?

p.s Vince Frost loves you too

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Midnight in the land of photoshop

actual size

Photoshop + 2am =

2am seems to be some kind of creative hour for me. Heres some things i did on photoshop at this time, instead of sleeping:

Monday, 11 February 2008

Blood on the floor

a typographic doodle from my sketchbook i was quite pleased with:

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Black Slabbath

Saw this whilst browsing the YouWorkForThem site. Its a poster titled Black Slabbath by YWFT, promoting a night of  heavy metal, beer and typography (whats not to like?). The typeface itself was designed by Stefan Kjartansson and is pretty much all about the colossal slabs and being blacker than black. Anyway, head over to their website right now and have a look around they have some really great stuff on there - i'm especially fond of some of their typefaces.

Doug Scott Photography

Ok FINE ill admit it, yes, i am shamelessly promoting my brother here. He is a photographer and illustrator (just finishing his third year studying illustration at Coventry university), and he just set up a blog for his photography stuff so people can see it easily and everything. He is pretty good if you ask me, so head over and check it out and leave comments and stuff.

Experimental Jetset

ok well i don't actually have any of my own work to post just yet (soon!) so i figured i would post a link to one of my all time favourite design studios - Experimental Jetset. Thats right, the pesky, helvetica loving dutch trio, who invented tshirts that
Anyway, i love them a lot (am currently totally ripping on them for something i'm doing right now that ill post in a couple of days) and i think you should too, if you don't already.


Hello and welcome to my super amazing exciting blog. It's mostly supposed to be about my life as a graphic design student, and a place i can post stuff i've done and stuff by other people i like etc etc (all kinds of stuff mind, not just graphic design). It's also a place for me to spread vicious rumours about  people i know! Just kidding.

enjoy (hopefully)