Saturday, 27 February 2010

London Shop Fronts

Come on in!

This photoblog of London shop fronts makes me sentimental and warm and fuzzy. Although most of the photos are taken in east or south london. I spit on east or south London. Everyone knows north London is the best of the Londons.

Enjoy procrastinating to this one!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Fun fun fun in the number one place for fun

Just thought id quickly mention that me and the one and only Tony Moore (no regrets) will be taking over and playing lots of awesome records tomorrow night at The Brickyard, so if you're in Carlisle please please come down and have some fun and maybe drink a load of jagerbombs then puke outside or something. We promise to play atleast one song about trans-genderism, at least one song about taking LSD and looking at a girls boobs and at least one song about being so high you forget its christmas eve.

p.s it's free entry before 11

UPDATE: tony will play at least one song that contains reference to a microwave oven

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Copyright, right?

please please please read the following:

Musical Interlude: Beach Fossils "daydream"

Disclaimer: the following is an obscure, geeky ramble.

Let me just take a minute to tell you about one thing: Captured Tracks. This label has been dropping hot little vinyl gems all over the shop for a while now. Beach Fossils might well just be my favourite band putting out records on this tiny little label and the above tune is a beast (although my favourite by them is probably "youth") The label has also put out records recently by The Beets, Grass Widow, Woods, Brilliant Colors, Christmas Island, Blank Dogs, Thee Oh Sees (Dog Poison LP i managed to pick up from Mono) Ganglians (a 7" with a green pyramid on the cover i cant remember the title of, also i got in Mono) Dum Dum Girls and a few others, all of which are incredible. Along side In The Red (Vivian Girls etc) aaannd maybe PPM (No Ages label, although i probably wouldn't care that much if they hadnt put out Mika Miko's records) this is probably the label i get most excited about at the momet. Sub Pop recently signed Dum Dum Girls and obviously nabbed No Age a while ago (bet they're kicking themselves Matador picked up Times New Viking though)- seeing as Sub Pop are the greatest label in the world, this can only mean good things for the delicious lo fi noise that has been gracing/abusing our ears in the late 00s and the current year.
If none of the above made any sense please ignore, if it made kind of sense but you have no clue what im talking about please google the above names aaaaaand if it made perfect sense then please come to the brickyard on the 26th for Show & Tell were me and tony will be playing lo fi garage, gangster rap and maybe a little "chillwave" whatever that is (please come even if it didnt, itll be fun!)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

RIP Mr. Alexander McQueen

Another shitty death for 2010. Rest in peace, sir.

New work (preview): Skoud "Dag 80" EP

I have one again been lucky enough to work with the good people at Motive Sounds, this time on the sleeve for their latest release, which is the "Dag 80" EP by young whipper snapper and creator of exceptional electronica Skoud. The reason this is a "preview" is because the work is not actually yet finished: a die cut outer white card outer sleeve is going to be made up for the print run, which hopefully will look pretty fantastic, so more of that (and therefore the finished design) to come! The designs shown above are for a booklet which will sit inside said sleeve, along with the CD.

All photography is by me, by the way (click on the images to get a better look!)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I have finished my dissertation. 5,962 words, some complicated, some confusing, some questionable, some nonsensical, but all gold. It includes (but is not restricted to) content relating to Andy Warhol, french philosophy, references to cocaine, genitil mutilation, two separate photographs of people being given blowjobs, Emigre the magazine, Emigre the type foundry, a quote from Myra Hyndly, a drawing of a vagina and some elephant dung.

Where did it all go wrong?:

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Times they are a changing

So today i signed up to twitter! You can follow me here. I never thought i would get on twitter but after some enthusiastic persuasion by a Mr. T (Moore) i took the plunge. The main benefit of this i suppose is that it will allow me to focus the content on here a lot more, making it a lot more in depth and interesting (something i've wished to do for a while now), since i can fire the ramblings and mini posts (microblogs eh?) over to twitter. Neat huh? Anyway, follow me!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

I should apologise

I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. I have not posted any Deerhunter related content in ages and i feel that i owe to you, them, me, everyone, that i do so now. Here is a video of them playing "white ink" and a punked up version of "wash off" live in a record store. Niice.

Experimental Jetset

Experimental Jetset are geniuses, true design with thought. Here is a very long video of a lecture of theirs, talking about their work and their influences. It is titled "Friendly Ghosts". Enjoy.

(p.s you have to skip forward about 5 minutes to get it started)

Friday, 5 February 2010


Some cool posters by Hort for Nike. I'm not going to pretend like i know anything about basketball!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Augmented Reality

Just wanted everyone to go over the the CR Blog today and read about/watch the video titled "An Augmented (Hyper)Reality" by Keiichi Matsuda. I think i will write a much longer post about this really soon (not only because hyperreality is one of main parts of my dissertation!)