Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Musical Interlude: Beach Fossils "daydream"

Disclaimer: the following is an obscure, geeky ramble.

Let me just take a minute to tell you about one thing: Captured Tracks. This label has been dropping hot little vinyl gems all over the shop for a while now. Beach Fossils might well just be my favourite band putting out records on this tiny little label and the above tune is a beast (although my favourite by them is probably "youth") The label has also put out records recently by The Beets, Grass Widow, Woods, Brilliant Colors, Christmas Island, Blank Dogs, Thee Oh Sees (Dog Poison LP i managed to pick up from Mono) Ganglians (a 7" with a green pyramid on the cover i cant remember the title of, also i got in Mono) Dum Dum Girls and a few others, all of which are incredible. Along side In The Red (Vivian Girls etc) aaannd maybe PPM (No Ages label, although i probably wouldn't care that much if they hadnt put out Mika Miko's records) this is probably the label i get most excited about at the momet. Sub Pop recently signed Dum Dum Girls and obviously nabbed No Age a while ago (bet they're kicking themselves Matador picked up Times New Viking though)- seeing as Sub Pop are the greatest label in the world, this can only mean good things for the delicious lo fi noise that has been gracing/abusing our ears in the late 00s and the current year.
If none of the above made any sense please ignore, if it made kind of sense but you have no clue what im talking about please google the above names aaaaaand if it made perfect sense then please come to the brickyard on the 26th for Show & Tell were me and tony will be playing lo fi garage, gangster rap and maybe a little "chillwave" whatever that is (please come even if it didnt, itll be fun!)

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