Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New work: Revolver (re design)

You may remember that i designed a poster for flash in the pan carlisle night 'Revolver' aaaages ago now. People seemed to like the poster (which you can see here - please note i did not design the ghastly rainbow logo, sorry, designer of logo). Anyway, i completely hated that poster, so thought i'd give it a do over. Kind of like as if the night was re launching. Maybe it should? I always had fun when i went and we got to play whatever songs we liked pretty much. This should hopefully we expanded very soon in to a series running over a couple of months.

cheer up mr tough

Today is a really grey, sweaty day in Carlisle, but don't worry because Yo La Tengo can make everything ok for you and me and everyone else.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Jorn Kaspuhl

really dig the illustrations of Jorn Kaspuhl. He reminds me quite a lot of Benjamin Gudel. Gudel is a bad ass. Above is Jorn Kaspuhl's drawing of the one and only Bonnie Prince Billy.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

New Work: Vivian Girls

This is a poster i just did for a gig that doesn't even exist, but it would be pretty awesome if it did. Check it out its even on my birthday what a happy coincidence. The photo i used i found on an old postcard in the loft, but I jazzed her up a little. 
The bands do exist though, and i highly recommend you check them all out if you like lo-fi fuzzy garage punk (who doesn't?!). Links:

James Victore

Hilman Curtis video about iconoclastic and inspirational NYC based designer James Victore. "Graphic design is a big fucking club with spikes in it, and i want to use it"

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Work: Birds Vs Planes. and a tiger.

Here are two versions of a poster i've put together for a gig of local superstars Birds Vs Planes at the ubiquitous club of clubs CONCRETE! Which version is better? I can't quite decide and people have been quite 50/50 about it, and the client hasn't yet got back to me. Everyone who i've told about this has asked me the exact same question: how is a band going to play in Concrete? and to them all, i have the same response: i have no idea. I'm sure it will be good fun though one way or another!

p.s Anyone been to the new day time concrete? If you are hungry and in town, GO THERE. You'll get sorted with a decent meal and a drink for like 2.90 and its way better, way more food and way cheaper than anything you could get at uni...or greggs.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New work: Media show programs

Just did these programs for the 3rd year Media Production end of year show. They look not bad although i don't think i am 100% happy with them really but they do the job, and besides i am never all that happy with my work i guess. It is an A4 sheet with a single fold, and the images are stills from the films which were shown. I had some grander ideas for this project but time was a little against me on this one. No matter!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New work: Deerhunter

Deerhunter could be my favourite band. Maybe i love them more than Sonic Youth? I can't quite decide. Anyway, today i watched 'The Office Christmas Specials' (the all time greatest tv show?) and got in the post 'Hunger' on dvd. I havn't watched 'Hunger' yet, but i am really excited about it, as i have heard only good things about it, and it is directed by Steve McQueen (no, not Bullit) who is a firm favourite artist of mine also. It is his directorial debut and won the palm 'dor at cannes and blah blah blah. Did you know that Steve McQueen is the only man alive to have won the Turner Prize AND the Palm D'Or. Pretty sweet huh? ANYWAY, i decided to make some posters about Deerhunter, just for a bit of fun. The japanese text SHOULD HOPEFULLY read 'Deerhunter live in japan' but i imagine its probably not right. whateverrr. Let me know what you think of the poster, i think i might work some more on it later.

This is really was just a post about favourites?

p.s you obviously want to know that i do also really like the US version of The Office but the UK version is definitely better.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

When i grow up i want to be....a graphic designer?

Here is a poster i've just done for Concrete (which is pretty much Carlisles biggest/best club for all you non-cumbrian folk) for an end of term night they're doing where the theme is you dress up like what you wanted to be when you were a kid. I did this poster on the fly when i was at home for a few days so i guess its a little rough around the edges, but its not too bad. Let me know what you think! I've been invited to do another poster for them soon too. Fun fun fun.

Monday, 1 June 2009


i found this when clearing out the loft before we move house in London. I love it. Its an invitation to a party i assume my parents went to many many moons ago. On the back it says to bing 'plenny booze'. I bet it was a good party haha. I found loads of other great stuff i scanned, expect to see it all soon.