Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Work: Birds Vs Planes. and a tiger.

Here are two versions of a poster i've put together for a gig of local superstars Birds Vs Planes at the ubiquitous club of clubs CONCRETE! Which version is better? I can't quite decide and people have been quite 50/50 about it, and the client hasn't yet got back to me. Everyone who i've told about this has asked me the exact same question: how is a band going to play in Concrete? and to them all, i have the same response: i have no idea. I'm sure it will be good fun though one way or another!

p.s Anyone been to the new day time concrete? If you are hungry and in town, GO THERE. You'll get sorted with a decent meal and a drink for like 2.90 and its way better, way more food and way cheaper than anything you could get at uni...or greggs.


Motive Sounds Blog said...

bottom one

I am said...

Yeah, I agree with motive sounds blog, also, my facebook is not working right, can't comment or owt. So heres that printer link I was on about.