Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Terry Richardson on Communicating with people

 so its no secret that i really love Terry Richardson. I understand why you wouldn't be into his stuff, but whatever, he gets two thumbs up from me and my copy of 'Terryworld' is probably one of my most prized books. Anyway, this post is aimed largely at all the boys and girls in class who are doing the art direction project. Since this project is, i'd say, about 50% to do with working with other people, communication is key, but its not always so easy is it? Building a rapport and being spontaneous and really getting that creative connection is how you're going to get the best results. Terry says it a little better than i do, so have a little watch and see what you think :)


i took this photo a couple months back when i was in Newcastle. Dude is so right.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Gutenberg Press

So obviously you know that Johannes Gutenberg invented printing and obviously you know that Stephen Fry is awesome, so obviously you want to watch this class film on bbc iplayer that goes through the history of the first printing press' creation, and they even make their own replica of it, hand cast the type and print up pages of Gutenberg Bible.
I really need to get myself down to shaddonmill soon and have a go on their letterpress stuff...

Magazine geeks, fall in LOVE

So next week sees issue one of LOVE magazine which is the new title from Condé Nast (aka the dudes who publish Vogue). Im pretty excited about this and theres a lot of hype around it. Hopefully it'll be great and not shit and maybe we will talk about it in years to come with the same kind of affection that we talk now about Dazed, i-D and POP. Maybe.
For everyone at uni i am pretty certain they are gonna be getting it in the shop so keep your eyes peeled and don't take them all before i can get a copy.
p.s how awesome is the cover??

KesselsKramer Studio

ok so everyone knows that KesselsKramer are pure class, but did you also know that their studio is super awesome mega amazing class? Check out the image above if you dont believe me. Flickr has lots of great images of design studios so get searching and tagging and whatever it is the kids do these days. Man i would love to work there.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Motive Sounds: THE BLOG

Guess what? yes! thats right, Motive Sounds have a blog. It's a good little read, check it out.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


The Cramps. Man i love The Cramps so much. I really wish i'd got to see them back in the day. Wearing sunglasses after dark and drinking a tequila sunrise. Anyway their singer Lux Interior just died and it totally, totally sucks. RIP, Lux. Above is an amazing video of them live at Napa State Mental Hospital.

Monday, 2 February 2009

You dig?

Here is pretty much just a bunch of links and other stuff i'm feeling right now:
The illustrator Matthew Green
The Cap'n Jazz song "precious"
The William S. Burrough's book "Junky"
The artwork of Stanley Donwood
The design of Human Empire