Thursday, 30 April 2009



Sunday, 26 April 2009

New work: The Brickyard

Here is the gig listings poster i've just designed for the good people at The Brickyard. The reverse has all the listings for May, but i didnt design that. I really had a lot of fun doing this and it feels like i'm getting my act together pretty nicely now. The collage is made from a combination of images from Flickr, ones i scanned from old books (amazing knitting Vogue books and early 90s fashion guides, thanks to Tony for those) aaand photographs that i took myself. Ignore the little grey boarder around the edge, that is just from the photoshop window when i took a screen shot, not part of the design.
I wonder how long before i should retire that graph paper scan?

Whilst making this poster i listened to:
The Sonics - Boom
Big Black - Songs About Fucking
Glass Candy - deep gems

update: These are going to get printed on uncoated heavy matte awesomeness. 1000 pieces. 

Total Badass

look at this kid! what a total bad ass! He's got style and he knows it. I found this in an old (80s/early 90s?) Vogue knitting book. Quite interested in acquiring old fashion, illustration and reference (photographic and illustration) books at the moment if anyones got any recommendations or offers or anything please get in touch :)

Friday, 24 April 2009

New work: Mapping

So here is the mapping project i did, i chose to map The Creative Process of a Design Student. It should be pretty self explanatory! Its a bit of fun and supposed to be somewhat tongue in cheek. Hopefully you can read it if you click it. Anyway apparently i got a 68 for this which is not too shabby. It's pretty weird how we've only got one project left now though, this year has gone so fast. Next year is going to be insane.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Life was short

I deleted my other blog, Life Is Short as it became apparent that everything i posted on there was infact relevant for this blog too, i wasn't really updating it AND i dont think anyone was looking anyway, especially with hopefully the full proper actual fancy launching of my personal portfolio website in the coming weeks, so whatever, welcome to the dawning of a new era of MYGD!

I hate graphic design

Its 2am. Stop me before i design again.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sarah Smith

Guess what YES THATS RIGHT my favourite Sarah Smith just hooked herself up with a blog. She is a beautiful and talented photographer from Sheffield. If you don't believe me just have a look at the self portrait she did at the top of this post. Bookmark it!

Square America

Square America is an amazing collection of found retro photos documenting american life and history. Truely something else. Click on each image to view a full gallery of related images.

Scott King

Classic poster by Scott King for Joy Division show. The text along the bottom reads:
Joy Division, 2 May 1980, The High Hall, The University of Birmingham, England. 
You may notice some similarities between this poster and the poster i did for Something Else! Hopefully one day i can be as influential as Mr. King haha. His work neatly treads the line between subtle and subversive.

a bigger version of the poster can be seen here

Taken from Scott King's website:
"Scott King trained as a graphic designer. He worked as Art Director of i-D and Creative Director of Sleazenation magazines, for which he was awarded 'Best Cover' and 'Best Designed Feature of the Year' prizes. King occasionally produces work under the banner 'CRASH!' with writer and historian Matt Worley. King’s work has been exhibited widely in London, New York and European galleries including the ICA, KW Berlin, Portikus, White Columns, Kunstverein Munich and the Museum of Modern Art, New York."

Friday, 17 April 2009

Vancouver & Seattle

I've just been on a lovely little trip to Vancouver & Seattle. I got to go to a stellar record shop called Zulu Records, many different American Apparel stores, visit the actual real life location of Twin Peaks learn about native canadian art and see lots of totem poles. Pretty good trip if you ask me! Unfortunately i did not get to hang out with Obama when i was in the USA though, but you know you can't have everything. Canadians are just the best people in the world so if you get a chance to visit, DO IT! (Americans are cool too obviously)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Something Else

poster i've designed for Sarah and Mikael and the rest of photography year 2 exhibition they're holding at the end of the year for their final project. Initially wanted to use some of the photos that would be put in the exhibition, however it quickly became apparent that that would not be a possibility for various reasons, so i had to come up with...something else. There is a flyer for this i've done also but i don't really like it so i am not going to post it. Definitely get down to see this if you are about when its on because there will be some good stuff. Not wanting to plug her work too hard but i've seen some of the early/test stuff that Sarah's been doing and it's really looking good.

Something Else
A Collection of Photographs

The Bank Gallery (Upstairs at The Griffin)
Court Square

4-7th May


In other news i am going home to London tomorrow and i am very excited. You can take the boy out of the city but you can't take the city out of the boy as they say. James is coming with me too and we're going to tear it up. As much as i hate carlisle though, there's a handful of people i will miss very much. I am only going to be away for 2 weeks, how much of a sissy do i sound right now? Anyway, none of that matters because on monday i am going to CANADA. My brother moved there last november so my mother and i are going to visit him. He lives in Vancouver which, from what various people have told me sounds like some kind of liberal, anti corporate artist record collector utopia so that sounds pretty good. We will be going to visit Seattle too which im excited about. Ill wear ripped jeans and listen to grunge the whole time. Another little treat will be on the way down to Seattle getting to visit the little town where they shot Twin Peaks! freakin' awesome. I think im going to have to have a twin peaks sesh tonight in celebration.