Sunday, 26 April 2009

New work: The Brickyard

Here is the gig listings poster i've just designed for the good people at The Brickyard. The reverse has all the listings for May, but i didnt design that. I really had a lot of fun doing this and it feels like i'm getting my act together pretty nicely now. The collage is made from a combination of images from Flickr, ones i scanned from old books (amazing knitting Vogue books and early 90s fashion guides, thanks to Tony for those) aaand photographs that i took myself. Ignore the little grey boarder around the edge, that is just from the photoshop window when i took a screen shot, not part of the design.
I wonder how long before i should retire that graph paper scan?

Whilst making this poster i listened to:
The Sonics - Boom
Big Black - Songs About Fucking
Glass Candy - deep gems

update: These are going to get printed on uncoated heavy matte awesomeness. 1000 pieces. 


Tony said...


Wonder if the anonymous blogger will strike this time?

I don't see a reason.

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