Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Life was short

I deleted my other blog, Life Is Short as it became apparent that everything i posted on there was infact relevant for this blog too, i wasn't really updating it AND i dont think anyone was looking anyway, especially with hopefully the full proper actual fancy launching of my personal portfolio website in the coming weeks, so whatever, welcome to the dawning of a new era of MYGD!


Anonymous said...

hi robbie i am sorry for this anonymous blogger crase, but dont you worrie i shall find out who is trying to steel my title and will let you know the names so you can create a blogg about them

regards the real anonymous blogger

p.s. i've got your back

Anonymous said...

Impostor, I am the true phantom blogger. Douche Bag!

Andrew.Lang said...

how do you plan on catching the impostor anonymous blogger that's the question and how will robbie know you are the real one an not another fake

not the anonymous blogger