Friday, 15 October 2010


Yes! Here it is! The predictable "sorry ive not posted anything in ages wah wah wah" post that inevitably rears its ugly head on blogs across the interweb every couple of weeks. The most common excuse ("I'VE BEEN BUSY") - is the one that I will pluck for this time around not least because it is largely true. I am currently with a studio in shoreditch and am absolutely head over heels with it. It is a fun place, I work with incredible, hilarious people and I get to do great jobs. What more can i ask for? Oh yeah thats right nothing.

Hopefully I will have some new work to show soon from gig posters to wedding dresses to alpine retreats, as well as a new portfolio (printed and online) and an impending move to tumblr which should allow my blogging to become more fluid and frequent. In the mean time, sample the chilled delights of Small Black's new tune "photojournalist". They're EP from a little while back was enjoyable but this is much slicker.

Stay classy, Internet.