Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 in review

My Favourite Records Released in 2010:
Pantha Du Prince — "black noise"
Toro Y Moi — "causers of this"
Joanna Newsom — "have one on me"
Arcade Fire — "the suburbs"
Vampire Weekend — "contra"
Caribou — "swim"
Foxes In Fiction — "swung from the branches"
No Age — "everything in between"
The Strange Boys — "be brave"
Seapony — "dreaming b/w late summer" 7"
Best Coast — "crazy for you"
Beach House — "teen dream"
LCD Soundsystem — "this is happening"
Memoryhouse — "The Years EP"
Washed Out "Life of Leisure EP"
Thee Oh Sees "warm slime"
Deerhunter — "halcyon digest"
Flying Lotus — "cosmogramma"

Favourite records this year that didnt come out this year:
Shonen Knife — "burning farm" (1983)
Boredoms — "super ae" (1998)
Fela Kuti — "expensive shit" (1975)
Bob Dylan — "bringing it all back home" (1965)
Tom Waits — "swordfishtrombones" (1983)
Dara Puspita 1966-1968 compilation
The Germs — GI (1979)
The Wedding Present — george best (1987)
Half Japanese — sing no evil (1985)

Favourite record shops of 2010:
Mono, Glasgow
Jackpot, Portland
Amoeba, San Francisco
Rough Trade, London

Things that happened:
Was invited to become a member of The International Society of Typographic Designers.
Left Art School forever and moved back to my beloved London (see you later, suckers).
Road tripped from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland to San Francisco.
Lived for a bit in Stockholm, had the time of my life, spent tons of money, hung out with the Snask boys and then made two incredible new friends by the way of Emmelie Quartin and Klara Modighl. Also got to spend time with my dear Sofie Lundqvist (now working at Amore)
Went to Berlin with my friends. Stayed in a beautiful flat, partied a lot, and had my mind absolutely blown by the Judische Museum and Bauhaus Archiv.
Worked for a few weeks in Sunny Brighton at Red Design.
Hooked up with my loving new family at Campbell Hay.
Graduated from University.
Went to the grove and saw the Arsenal slaughter Chelsea 3 - 1.
Drank beer.

Things that shouldn't have happened:
Financial crisis and graduate oversaturation meant that even getting a reply to an email from a potential employer was/is next to impossible.
Nick Clegg.
My cat died.
Could not afford to have my own flat.

In conclusion, i award 2010 a 20/10.

See you in 2011!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday night