Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Terry Richardson on Communicating with people

 so its no secret that i really love Terry Richardson. I understand why you wouldn't be into his stuff, but whatever, he gets two thumbs up from me and my copy of 'Terryworld' is probably one of my most prized books. Anyway, this post is aimed largely at all the boys and girls in class who are doing the art direction project. Since this project is, i'd say, about 50% to do with working with other people, communication is key, but its not always so easy is it? Building a rapport and being spontaneous and really getting that creative connection is how you're going to get the best results. Terry says it a little better than i do, so have a little watch and see what you think :)

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Tony said...

word. Think im gonna take the route of "feelin it" for this shoot we are doin...just get the model to do silly things.

You might even get asked...i think a group of people would be pretty cool...

Now back to homebase shit.