Saturday, 7 March 2009

Grow Your Own

It might be a bit of a faux pas to rant but this brief has been really horrible and possibly caused me the most stress in my entire life (haha thats probably a bit dramatic maybe). The brief itself was awkward and ambiguous and there has been way to much emphasis on coming up with 'wacky', 'creative' ideas, that are fundamentally meaningless. This is not first year anymore. I would post more images buuut blogger keeps inverting the colours for no reason. Cheers blogger!

On a better note, the art direction project is going well. Working with laney is a dream, did some test shots i will post later, everything is coming together and hopefully ill be able to do some good work to be proud of!


Anonymous said...

It might be a bit of a faux pas but handwritten type is so over rated. Cheers blogger!

Robbie said...

well done for posting anonymously you coward :)

Whirlygig said...

this made me lol a bit :)

also the word i have to spell is ballized. Which is pretty fucking funny imo.