Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Get Excited

In the world of design you see the same things day in and day out and monotony is boring, and being cynical and critical is useful, however every once in a while you will see something that makes you think "DAMN, I WISH I DID THAT" For me, that was the new issue of Lodown magazine.

Lodown started as a skate magazine but is now more of a visual culture magazine with lots of skate adverts in it which is just fine by me. They change and shift their design each issue and use multiple paper stocks and experimental ideas. Last issue they printed this insane pink which is the most beautiful pink i have ever seen and it just glows off the page, i don't even know how they did it. I might make a post just about that pink alone. At the top of this post is a scan of the cover of the latest issue. I wish i designed it. Its exciting and unsual, interesting and irreverent and like nothing else you see on newstands, not even from design magazines. How many magazines are there out there that use a borderline illegible typeface for their constantly changing anyway masthead? Couple with an unusual format and exciting content and you have the best damn publication £5 can buy. There was only two copies in the shop though and me and Noo got 'em, so keep your eyes peeled for a copy on your travels.

Check out their website right HERE

Also i have added a little Mixtape widget because i love making mixtapes. Each one will have a thematic title and then the idea is maybe you can listen to it all on spotify or something? I dont have spotify but i know that thats what all the kids are doing these days.

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