Saturday, 20 June 2009

New Work: Vivian Girls

This is a poster i just did for a gig that doesn't even exist, but it would be pretty awesome if it did. Check it out its even on my birthday what a happy coincidence. The photo i used i found on an old postcard in the loft, but I jazzed her up a little. 
The bands do exist though, and i highly recommend you check them all out if you like lo-fi fuzzy garage punk (who doesn't?!). Links:


Motive Sounds Blog said...

where you getting all of these images from robbie. very very nice indeed

Robbie said...

i get them out of old books a lot of the time, although this one was from a postcard i found in the loft back home. There are two others of two different girls, they're so beautiful haha. I photoshopped this one quite heavily though (you can see what the original looks like on my flickr). Might head down to that shop Bookcase for a bit of a source book raid sometime soon actually if you fancy it? Always interested in old books about birds.

Tony said...

I really like this...NICE!