Thursday, 20 March 2008

Best. Find. Ever.

so i was hanging out with my two favourite graphic designers (maria and deniz of course) in the tate modern bookshop the other day and i found a copy of 'Wim Crouwel: Typographic Architectures/Architectures Graphiques' which was published for the exhibition about the legendary typographer at the beginning of last year in Paris. The book shows his work between 1956 and 1976. Whats more, it was designed by Experimental Jetset! I know i recently made a post about getting a different Wim Crouwel book but you have to realise that a book about Wim Crouwel designed by Experimental Jetset is basically graphic design porn to me. good times.
You can see pictures of the book on Typotheque here, or by coming over to my house where i will force it upon you until you agree with me that Wim Crouwel and Experimental Jetset are super amazing.

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