Monday, 17 November 2008

Corporate Identity

So we got our marks back from the corporate identity project today. The crit on friday went very well but naturally a little angst set in having to wait over the weekend to find out how i did. Well, i did very well - i got 78/a 1st again which is nice. This was a fun project to do, and it really feels like i have learnt a hell of a lot. Never really having tried my hand at corporate identity before it was interesting to get to grips with all the different facets of how an identity system works. The company i designed the identity for was a fictional relocatable buildings company of my own creation named Rebuild. The idea was that they would be a company specializing in quickly erecting temporary and relocatable buildings in warzones and disaster area, ranging from refugee camps to lo-tech hospitals etc. I was going for a bold, simple and authoritative feel, whilst retaining a sense of cool and style. A feeling of structure was also important to the feel of the identity. Above are images of the logo, stationary set (which includes a letterhead, business cards, DL windowed envelope and compliments slip) and selected spreads from the styleguide we also had to produce. The photos don't really show it very well, but the paper used for the letterhead and compliments slip is not white, it is very light grey (k10 to be precise).
Click the images to get a closer look, i apologise for any pixelation/poor photography that may have occured.


Hilary said...

rob, this is brilliant. if i had a company i'd definitely ask you to do my corporate design.

Robbie said...

thank you very much :)