Thursday, 15 January 2009

Book Jackets a-go-go

neither by best or favourite pieces of work but thats ok, good fun project either way. The top piece (dust jacket for The Atmospheric Railway by Shena Mackay) with a few choice improvements and details could be a portfolio piece but the series is nothing special. At least mine don't look like anyone elses. I dont know what i got for these but i am not predicting good things really, but im honestly not that bothered. Looking forward to the new brief, packaging for seeds, trying to grab a new market for gardening. Sounds like fun right?

In other news i am working on the new posters and flyers for Revolver, hopefully ill be doing a new one each month. I am very excited about this project and the first one is already pretty much done. Thanks a lot to Lucy for the hook up on that. Thumbs up Lucy!

Websites are also the thing at the moment and i've seen some pretty cool ones by my darling fellow students, when i have a bigger bookmark collection i think ill post them all up on here. Mine will be up SOON i promise. Speaking of websites, it looks like i might be doing the site for a lovely little vintage boutique in Carlisle in the coming weeks.... :D

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