Friday, 23 October 2009

New Work: Zest & Zest Harbourside corporate identity.

Here are my resolved designs for the corporate identity project i have recently been working. The brief asked for a re design and re brand of a restaurant called Zest and its sister cafe/bar Zest Harbourside both located in Whitehaven, Cumbria run by a chef named Ricky Andalcio. The target audience for the brand were described in the brief as "culturally and aesthetically aware males and females". Pretty broad scope then for some stylish and sophisticated goodness. I wanted to create a subtle, unusual and unique identity for a high quality brand with a sense of "zest", whilst trying to not approach any graphic cliches that could so easily be employed with a name like Zest.
Please please please click the images to enlarge them and get a better look at the typography and the detail and what have you which im pretty proud of and i feel is lost in the rubbish image production supplied by blogger. As always please let me know your thoughts! Also im sorry for the slightly scrappy image quality, they are just quick screenshots from he print pdfs.

Above: Logos for Zest and Zest Harbourside. The black here is toned down to a K90 to give it a nice soft feel, especially against the off white you will see below (which is C0M0Y5K0 incase you were wondering)

Above: Letterhead, compliments slip and business cards

Above: Cover and inside spread of the menu for Zest Restaurant

Above: Cover and the inside spread for the Harbourside menu

Above: The marketing strategy to promote the freshly re branded restaurant was simple. Hold two parties at the two locations to get people excited and talking about the brand. Zest Restaurant is to hold the Banquet & Ball, a special invitation only event involving high flyers, taste makers, journalists and important types. Then an informal Seafood & Song Social at the Harbourside cafe which is open to everyone. Shown here are the fronts on the left and backs on the right of the different invites.

What do you think, people of the internet?

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