Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Screen printing pt2: Cotton bags!

After i spent this morning letterpressing like a madman i went to the textile printing studio to screen print like a mad man also. Good thing i like printing, otherwise id probably be a bit catatonic by now. Anyway, here is what i produced: some lovely black cotton tote bags perfect for shopping and what have you, with a mighty fine floral print in white.

Detail of the print on the bags, which is taken from a 19th century carpet design. Imagine that on your floor, bloody hell.

Close up detail of the print showing the halftone effect i applied.

I printed 12 of the bags and if you would like one please ask and you are more than welcome to have one for free. Some of the alignment is a little imprecise though as it was all done by eye, and two of them have printing errors (but that just adds character, right?). Some people don't have a choice about if they're going to get one or not because i'm going to force them to take one.

Extra special thanks to my good man Mark Howlette of Motive Sounds fame for providing me with the bag hook up at a very reasonable price. Cheers howlette!


deniz said...

that looks awesome!

Robbie said...

why thank you ms

Natassia-x said...

Do you have any left?! they look very niiiice :)

Robbie said...

Yeeeap i got some if you would like? facebook me perrrrhaps