Friday, 17 October 2008

New Work! Editorial Design project!

Well well well, here are the final pieces from the brief we've just completed for uni about Editorial Design. We had to do a splash (thats like opener) and a turn (what follows the splash, of course) spread, a front cover and a contents page. We were allowed to choose what the article was about and what kind of magazine it was. I chose to do an article about the photographer Terry Richardson (i'm a big fan) in a sort of dazed & confused-esque art/fashion/culture magazine. The tutors gave me incredibly positive feedback in the crit, so i guess it went pretty well. Oh yeah and i got a 78/100 (which is a 1st).


Tony said...

These are fan-fucking-tastic. They really look awesome man, well done...i haven't seen them until now! Love the way you threw in a pic of maria!

Im still gettin used to this website haha.

Robbie said...

cheers t-bone! glad you like it. Haha yeah i got a cheeky bit of maria in there :)
hah once you get your head round it its pretty easy, you can edit the HTML as well which is quite cool.

Doug Scott said...

I would tell you how good these look, but you already know how fan-fucking-tastic they are ;)

I particularly like the cover. I've been having a go at applying colour to B&W photographs recently too so next time you're in London maybe we can compare notes.

Keep up the excellent work bro!