Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Just got back from ATP! What can i say, one hell of a weekend of beautiful music and beautiful people. This is the ideal festival for me because a) all the bands are handpicked, so there is no filler and no bullshit, and b) no. fucking. tents. anywhere. The chalets are pretty basic, but whatever, its better than a tent. Anyway, heres some photos and possibly some anecdotes:
The Bronx. First band we saw, and they were EPIC.
Bon Iver. Best set of the weekend (almost) hands down. Really really beautiful, especially at the end. The guitarist on the left of this photo would later compliment me on my tshirt. Awesome.
Ok so this thing may look like a weird and freaky sex toy but it is in fact what passes for a shower at Butlins. However, much like a weird and freaky sex toy, it has the ability to strip you of any dignity you thought you had, and then degrade you on a whole bunch of different levels. Trying to use this thing sends you on an emotional rollercoaster. Never before has taking a shower made me go from feeling confused, to homeless, to mentally ill, to orphaned and then to clean. I would later get very drunk and pretend that it was a stethoscope. 
Wire. Really, really good. Saw these on my own because the others wanted to watch CSS, but thats fine. Pink Flag will always be my favourite by them, they only played 12XU from that album, but whatever, it was class.

Shellac. Boring photo but no big deal because they were so good. Surgically tight. They played twice over the weekend, i saw them the first time but i heard the second set was better? Oh well.

Holy Fuck. holy fuck, Holy Fuck were so good. The most fun set of the whhoole weekend, without a shadow of a doubt. It was really just a blurry, sweaty mess and everyone went totally nuts for them. So, so fun.

James, loving it.

Deerhunter. Oh man, was so excited for this and it was my favourite set of the whole weekend. Deerhunter are officially one of my favourite bands. Set was absolutely magical and gave me shivvers on more than one occasion. Especially right at the beginning when the drummer counted time on his sticks and the sound came out backwards and Bradford Cox yelped into the mic, drenched in reverb as they slipped into "cover me slowly". They were effortless and charming throughout. Bradford Cox is also, as it turns out, the sweetest man in music right now. Kim and Kelley Deal came out and sang a cover with them too which was a nice little treat. Can you tell i was pretty into it? <3

Gang of Four. Absolutely classic band obviously ("entertainment" is a must have) and they put on a HELL of a show. One of the best performances i saw and one of my favourites as i didn't really have a preconception of what it was going to be like and they just kicked the shit out of pavillion. Here is a photo of the singer using a microwave as a drum. Why not.

Foals. I was expecting them to suck a little bit, but actually, it turned out they were really really good. Very danceable too.


more Foals.

Other highlights included:
Passing Kim Deal on the stairs
The Breeders, of course
Melt Banana playing in total darkness aside from two tiny torches.
Queining to get some fish and chips with Steve Albini
X and Billy Zoom's relentless shit eating grin
Going nuts to Pavement and Gang of Four in Crazy Horse at 4am
Super geeky girl crush
Tara McPherson art show/print sale
Getting totally wasted with Andy and feeling very VIP standing next to The Bronx
Ham and pringle roll at 5am
Getting a copy of the limited to 750 copies Deerhunter cassette :D

and so so so so so much more that i cant even think of right now. Thank you ATP! I will see you next time! Roll on december (curated by My Blood Valentine, and Sonic Youth are already confirmed. hot. damn.)

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