Friday, 1 May 2009

New work: Plastic

Art direction of design and photography for conceptual fashion and art with attitude publication, Plastic Magazine. This was the final project of the year and a hell of a lot of fun, especially in the photography stage, getting the model and photographer together, location scouting, making lots of phone calls, test shoots, and so and so forth. Extra super mega eternal thanks to Laney Gaffney my wonderful pink haired photographer and Loren Harker my pretty model. The idea behind the shoot is a girl who sells her soul for eternal beauty, there is a brief narrative at the start about performing a ceremony and being left feeling empty, which is supposed to run through the photos.

I tried uploading these from Flickr so they were nice and big and pretty looking here but the spreads are too wide and the stupid blogger template cuts the side off. If you go on my photostream though you can see all the images much much bigger and better. In fact, please do that.

We wanted to shoot on 120 film but because its so expensive we shot digital as back up. Fortunately the photos turned out really really good, Laney with her Bronica totally nailed it. I cant tell you how much i love that camera, i really want one of my own. Looking through the view finder on it is seriously BETTER than looking at stuff with your eyes.

You may notice that i recycled a lot of elements from my brickyard poster for my front cover. This is because i had an epiphany that i couldn't run the cover i had already designed (which you can see here) the night before i had to go to print and then got up at 8am and re did the whole thing. 

Thank you so much to all the people who helped me out in one way or another, ranging from advice to running around a forest at midnight, with this project, you guys are AWESOME:
Laney Gaffney
Loren Harker
Damian Sealey
Judith Kinsella
James McCarthy
Tom Sinclair
That german girl who's name i cant remember but came to talkin tarn last minute with me
Natassia Gunn
James Lodge

Here is a much shorter list of people who said they would help me but never actually did, but i would like to thank them anyway:
Lucy Johnson
Gary Thermo
Dawn Morrison
Anna Lachowska
Charlotte Michie

So that's it then, year 2 finished. Got a lot of personal projects planned for the next few weeks, so don't think im going anywhere! Although i am going somewhere: ATP, and hopefully Sweden for a bit too. Oh yeah and i PROMISE an online portfolio over the summer.

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