Thursday, 23 July 2009

Judging books by their covers

Bookcase is probably my favourite shop in Carlisle. It is incredible. It is a gigantic second hand book shop housed in an old townhouse which i assume used to be a hotel or something due to its epicness. Seriously, you can get lost in this place. Thousands upon thousands of second hand books (antiques to modern publications) on pretty much every topic you can imagine. In the basement houses an obscene collection of classical (and a little bit of jazz and showtunes) LPs which makes me a little emotional when i go down there. It's like a nuclear bunker of awesome. I estimate there is upwards of 30,000 records in there. Anyway, i spent a fair chunk of today just hanging out there and going through books and seeing what i could find, and heres a small selection. Expect follow up posts! Apologies for the rubbish cameraphone pictures.
Bit of modernism married to an old etching of someone being executed. nice.

Something that makes Bookcase extra special is that its not just a huge pile of random second hand crap. A lot of love and care has gone into the collection (on four floors i might add) and often you will find whole series and collections (that goes for the records too which really blows my mind, seriously i could rave all day about the vinyl basement). Also, this looks exactly like the cover of 'in rainbows' by Radiohead.

This book was genuinly incredible in that it was 80s style and design concentrated into one design manual. Ferraris outside of bedsits in bookform.

I thought this was funny. I might actually go back tomorrow and buy this one.

I really liked these collection of stories by D H Lawrence. Ironically 'lady chatterly's lover' is my least favourite novel of all time hands down. There was another version with a slightly different pastel colour way.


I urger everyone in Carlisle (infact, all of Cumbria) to go check the shop out because honestly its amazing, even if you're not interested in reading (or looking at pictures) or records or old things. I think ill take a slightly better camera down soon and do a proper post about it (ESPECIALLY THE BASEMENT)

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