Friday, 24 July 2009

New Work: Ruby Blue Relaunch Party

Here is a poster i have designed for my dear friend and Ruby Blue Vintage owner Damian. He is having a shuffle of his shop, adding some beautiful new clothes and a range of homewear products and to celebrate, he is throwing a relaunching party (champagne reception my friends!) at the shop on the 7th of August. Ruby Blue is a hidden gem in Carlisle and everyone should go along and look at what treats he has to offer. Heres some stuff he wrote about the shop on the facebook fan page:

Ruby Blue is an exciting new retail development for the city of Carlisle, housing unique vintage fashion and gifts in a highly stylish and elegant manner, boasting an extravagant boutique style interior.

Strictly speaking, vintage fashion is clothing that is at least 20-25 years old. Just a few years ago, this wasn’t a fashion slant you leant towards unless preparing for a fancy-dress party. ‘Vintage’ was simply another word for second hand. Today, the sartorial ethos couldn’t be more different as vintage fashion is coveted the world over. Wearing vintage provides an opportunity to sport beautifully made clothes that are individual and a unique piece of fashion history.

8 Treasury Court (off Fisher Street)

open tuesday - saturday: 10am - 5pm

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Tony said...

does this work in like 3d? That'd be seriously cool.

What birds are they?