Sunday, 16 August 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

HELLO sorry i've not made any posts for a little while now. I moved house in London and i did not have the internet (boohoo) so i've pretty much just been watching Spaced and Twin Peaks on loop waiting for the internet to come back on. Thats not fully true as i also found time to splurge on buying a copy of the limited Atlas Sound album on double vinyl from Rough Trade. It was expensive. i also got The Pains of Being Pure at Heart album on white vinyl (who tore up the newly refurbished highbury garage the other week by the way) and the new Mika Miko album. Anyway, i am now blogging from a beautiful apartment in the wonderful Swedish city (the 4th biggest swedish city to be precise) of Uppsala where i am spending the week with my all time favourite Maria Tengblad. So far Sweden is amazing and everyone should come visit. Thanks to Maria, Benjamin, Jenny, and Sofie for being awesome so far. Expect many photos of adventures, meatball recipes and reasons why Sweden rules and the UK sucks soon. Anyway to make this post a little more worthwhile here is a video of AMAZING Swedish band Studio who are on service records. Their album 'west coast' was a definite favourite from last year, its kind of hard to find i think but worth it if you can get it.

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