Tuesday, 18 August 2009

International jetset designers

Hello everyone! Another broadcast from beautiful Uppsala for you. Last night Maria had to do a poster for her friend Kristoffers club night that we are going to on saturday, called GROW UP!...Or die trying. This is Maria's poster, but i collaborated on it with her so i feel like im allowed to post it too, plus im obviously going to grab at any chance i get to write about Maria and/or Sweden. Anyway, here is a design tip i have picked up whilst on my adventure in sweden:
Don't spend a portion of your evening photoshopping a dudes pubic hairs after enjoying a lovely dinner with lovely swedes, because it will totally put a downer on everything.

Today im going to Stockholm with Maria, Stina-Kajsa and her sister Sigrid. I love you Sweden!


Tony said...

Haha this is great. Mangina!

Anti said...

mmmm, egg sandwich. plus nice poster.