Saturday, 7 November 2009

New: U Plan For Better Living

A sketch that came out during the recent billboard project which focused around electrical appliances and the debate about energy consumption and waste. A sticky debate. It seems obvious to say that energy consumption is taken for granted in the modern age but i'm not sure enough people look past these obvious comments to tackle the bloated and greedy nature in which we use energy and our resources.

Anyway, to avoid a rant, let's talk a little bit about Barbara Kruger.

Barbara Kruger was an artist that both me and my brother high regarded while we were growing up and studying art classes in school and in colleges. She is definitely one of the earliest and biggest influences on me, and more specifically on me wanting to become a graphic designer. Whilst her work firmly straddles the line between what is design and what is fine art, the graphic content is clear and above all, her work is about communication.

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Anonymous said...

She was a major influence for me when I was at school! She's been a useful resource for this past project!