Thursday, 10 September 2009

Konono No 1

Recently i have become obsessed with this band Konono No 1, and in particular their song 'paradiso' which is the video posted above. They are a congolese band who made all of their own instruments (AND AMPS AND PA SYSTEMS) from scrap/scratch/hacked equipment and make this amazing joyous, riotous, hypnotic african noise. The song is 7 minutes long but worth every second so please have a listen!


Tony said...

Wow. Feelin that big time.

Im back 25th. Gives us a weekend to get merry before World War Year III starts.

Robbie said...

SQWORD. The full album (congotronics) is class, but its a bit like just one gigantic mega tune. I could send it to you if you like. World War Year 3 haha. Im back on the 19th also and i think everyone will be back by the 25th.
p.s check out new albums by YACHT and The XX