Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Passion For Print

I got this very cool little book from Magma Clarkenwell the other day and whilst its a little self indulgent and a bit of a toy for designers its still very awesome. Its called Passion For Print and was produced by the students of Communication Art & Design at The Royal College of Art 08/09 and describes itself as an 'incomplete glossary of print terms'. It is exactly that but each term is full illustrated with a page printed in the appropriate manner. Every single page, hand done. Ranging from silk screen, dot gain, ghosting and four colour separation to textured and tactile effects such as braille, binding, kisscutting, foil blocking and embossing. Sorry for the rubbishy photobooth photos (i promise its much nicer in real life) but if you can get your hands on a copy i highly recommend it. Or buy it as a gift for a beloved designer friend of yours.

I also picked up this bad boy whilst as Magma which i might even describe as 'essential'.

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