Sunday, 20 September 2009

New work: St Catz Freshers '09

I was invited again to design the t shirts for this years freshers week at St Catherine's (affectionately nicknamed St Catz) College at Oxford University. Last year i worked on this project with my friend Seb, but this year i worked with a fine young whipper snapper by the name of Christian. They seem to be very into "passing down the torch" at St Catherines. That sounds weird and clandestine but its not meant to. For the design i have essentially updated the designs i did for last year, but i think i made them fresher and more exciting too. I forgot how much i love hand drawing type and making things brightly coloured. Just kidding, i could never forget that. This project was a lot of fun, so thanks to Seb, Chris and Oxford University!

(p.s the "Freshers Angels" are the 2nd and 3rd year kids who look after the freshers whilst theyre out and about drinking too much and making friends)

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Sebastian said...

get thinking for next year too...! awesome design, im gonna nab myself another one haha