Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ads, the 50s and the US

Whilst working on the current event poster brief we have i got a huge book about 50s American ads out of the uni library. Its a Taschen book so largely just a massive compendium of images with a little preface, but thats ok because it gives you the chance to really analyze what's going on and really think about how things worked back then. Honestly, there are so many graphic cliches (well i suppose now they are more kitsch than cliche) but what is more interesting is how many things that are included in the adverts you wouldn't dream of seeing today. For example, a baby looking out of the page with big puppy dog eyes and a little cowboy hat with cute script type above him reading "maybe you should light up a Marlboro before you scold me mommy". Selling cigerettes using a child who is trying to avoid getting a beating? Amazing. My personal favourite has to be the one with the mushroom cloud exploding over a tropical island. The copy underneath reads: "Even this cloud has a silver lining!". I love 50s stuff, and the aesthetic associated with the era is just great. Don't the french have a word for nostalgia for a time when you were not even alive? If so, id use it now.


Emmeline said...

it's like a bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. I don't know the word, but i sure as hell agree.

Anonymous said...

it's the portugese and it's "saudade"