Sunday, 14 December 2008

Listen to Motive Sounds

Motive Sounds is a small independent record label run by my buddy Mark out of his house in Carlisle. They are dedicated to bringing out new exciting and fresh music as well as supporting new design talent - great records in great sleeves, what more could you want? (check out the releases page on the website to have a look, or if you're in Carlisle get yourself to Ruby Blue and pick up copies) My favourites on the label are probably Manatees, Skoud and most recent signing Over The Wall, who i got to see open for Youthmovies recently and they were pretty damn awesome, but to be honest you're not going to go wrong with any of the Motive Sounds releases.
I was lucky enough to be invited by Mark to design the front page of the website and art direct the news page (he selects a different designer each month) and he added my name to the designers list (i feel pretty famous right about now). The idea is that the image is full bleed, but it seems there could be some problems with that on bigger monitors/browsers, so if you keep it a bit smaller you'll get the right idea haha.

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