Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Ok, wow

Ok so i was on everyones favourite design blog yesterday (FormFiftyFive) and had a little look at the work of danish designer Mads Jakob Poulsen. He has a strong portfolio to say the least, and i especially like the World Cinema Dk posters, but what really bowled me over (so much so i had to make a post about it) was his packaging design for Widex Hearing Aids. You often see on the more obnoxious design sites out there the horrible phrase "good design is when you are jealous you didn't have that idea" - a frankly irritating and narcissistic sentiment - but damn do i wish that that project was in my portfolio. Anyway, please take a moment to view his work, and especially the video above displaying just how fantastic that piece of work is.

Our next project is experimental packaging design. I think its either going to be the best or worst project of year 2 so far.

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