Monday, 15 December 2008

Who is the Bognor Birdman?

So here is what i produced for the Event Poster brief. The event i chose to promote was The Interational Bognor Birdman which is an annual event held funnily enough in Bognor Regis where a lot of fools jump off the pier in their own DIY flying machines, much like the Red Bull Flugtag or whatever it's called. It looks like a lot of good fun though and is a real grass roots event and i really like that. Seeing as its a DIY festival i wanted the poster to have a DIY feel, so working with the idea of the Bognor Birdman being a character intself i go to work with my trusty scissors, glue and ink. All the typography was hand drawn by myself, which was a really good fun thing to do and it was especially good being able to get away from the routine browsing of fontexplorer trying to figure out typefaces for the design. We also had to produce direct mail promotional items, and for this i made little masks you can cut out, so you too can be the Bognor Birdman.
I scored a 65 for this which is pretty good. Frustratingly though they did not give us proper crits as per usual so its really difficult to know where i went wrong exactly, and i was also therefore not given the opportunity to talk about my work. Strange, and irritating to say the least. No matter though as several of my friends got great marks so all is right with the world. They also now want us to do some stupid little presentation thing tomorrow where we explain our work to someone who has not seen it before. Doing this after getting graded for it feels more than a little redundant considering what difference does it make, and now i know that there is several things wrong with it, how am i supposed to sell it properly? "This is my poster for the birdman event, i think it looks pretty cool but i have been told the type should be smaller and some parts of it should be changed and improved"? Yeah nice one Art School, they're definitely going to take the bait.


Maria said...

this is my favorite thing you've done thing year for sure. it's awesommmeee.

Mark said...

loving the posters robbie


Tony said...

sick work man. I really want one of them...probably the owl mask. We'll have to sort it.

Yeah, what was up with no crits and stuff, bit stupid.

Maria said...


Doug Scott said...

I think that these are awesome and have a really charming, personality-rich vibe. You should be proud - definite portfolio pieces.

I hate making presentations of work when you're not 100% confident of it - my advice is to never start with a disclaimer e.g. "OK so i know that the colours are all wrong and the typeface is wonky, but here is my project." Just be confident that you've done some rockin work (which you have and always do) and remember that once you get to the real world nobody will be bothering with marks - they just want to see the goods.

Come to Vancouver it's sweeeet!