Thursday, 8 April 2010

Day 2 & 3: Roses are red, violets are Snask.

Pluto (shh don't tell anyone)

Snask translates as "candy". It also translates as sexy, trashy filth.

I picked up the (huge fucking) coffee delivery when everyone was out to lunch.

Yesterday was quite a quiet day helping Mike come up with ideas for the Malmofestivalen films. This was fun, but i have never done anything remotely animated before and Mike is basically a pro, so i think my role was mostly moral support. Hanna's job was to read "tellmewhy" by KarlssonWilker (a classic, and judging by the amazon marketplace value, also a design antique). When all of this hard work was done, it was time to drink beer and play ps3 on the huge fucking projector wall. I was introduced to Oskar, who is great, and makes music videos and adverts. For nearly two whole days he thought I was a client and not an intern. Thanks Oskar! It is safe to say that life at Snask is pretty sweet. We then rode the subway, ate some burgers and went to Pluto, which is a top secret members only kind of bar/venue to see Erik's friend's band, who were actually pretty good, especially if you like Can, Liquid Liquid, Silver Apples or LCD Soundsystem etc. Erik agreed with me that "Washing Machine" by Sonic Youth is their best record (we're right).

Today Freddie passed me my own brief, designing a poster for Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm. The poster is for a sort of drama class for the homosexual society, or something along those lines. More on that soon!

Snask off!

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