Monday, 19 April 2010

Day ?: Snask Vs. Super Volcano

Oskar och Axel

Sorry for not updating for a while!
Here is a list of things i have learnt recently:

- All doors in Stockholm are really, really heavy and open the opposite way you expect
- A lot of people spit on the street here, including fancy looking girls
- Saying "tjena" is cooler than saying "hej"
- Argentinians in hostels are obnoxious, germans are smug, and poles are peculiar.
- The shop Weekday is incredible
- Sodermalm is where i want to live
- Volcanoes are fucking cool
- If you're a tiny bit brave (but nowhere near as brave as you need to be in London) you can ride the metro for free.
- Everyone in Sweden is good looking, even the ugly people
- People LOVE whining about volcanoes, when in reality they should be rejoicing that they are FORCED to take a longer holiday
- Swedes drink an unreal amount of coffee
- Helvetica Neue is so last year. Helvetica Neue LT Std is the real deal. (especially 85 heavy)
- Spray paint is fun but gets all over your shit
- Freddie, Magnus, Erik, Michael, Jens, Axel, Oskar, Daniel, Hanna, Klara & Emilie are unbelievable and i love everyone. (i make myself sick)
- Pet Sounds in Sodermalm is probably going to feature in my top 5 record shops of all time. Apparently its Quentin Tarantino's number one.

In other news, there is some chance my flight on thursday will be cancelled. Fingers crossed! I love being here!

Snask off!

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