Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 4, 5 & 6: Tired & frustrated. Am I a designer yet?

Wig, model's own.

Friday marked my first weekend in Stockholm! So logically I decided to catch the train out of Stockholm C to the very small little village of Knivsta to visit my good friend Sofie. Knivsta translates, literally, as Knifetown. There are ghettos in Hackney which don't even get nicknamed Knifetown. Needless to say it was very quiet and everyone was very friendly and stabbing each other was probably the last thing on their minds. Saturday night we went to Uppsala to party and hand a grand old time. Uppsala will always have an awesome, drunk little place in my heart ever since I visited last summer.

In the UK when you have a hangover you eat fried food, puke and watch shitty TV all day long. In sweden you eat waffles and visit tiny little villages (Sigtuna) which people used to write fairy stories about then hang out next to a frozen lake. This is reason No. 14356 why Sweden is way better than the UK.

Today i have been continuing my work on the Teaterhogskolen project. I got frustrated and decided to abandon some of my ideas and take a fresh perspective and i think that that was definitely a wise move. Hopefully i can get it covered tomorrow and move on to something else. This frustration is something that me (and everyone else no doubt) has experienced countless times at the university studio, however experiencing in "real life" certainly puts it into perspective. Especially when you've seen the invoice for what you've been doing.

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