Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 7: Snask down, Snask to go

Another day, another dollar/red furry horse being made. (Horse-manufacturer: Hanna, my lovely co-intern.)

Can you believe I have been in Stockholm for one week tonight? You can? Weird, because I can't. Time flies, as they say, when you're having fun. Today I think i learnt more in ten minutes than I have in the past year. I wish I was kidding. It fried my brain so i had to go home from the studio, but tomorrow i will be going at it full-tilt. Tack så mycket Freddie!

After I left the studio i bought some stuff in the incredible Weekday (its so good its good we don't have it, because British people would ruin it) and then i asked the incredible Clara where to go for an adventure this evening. She seemed keen I go drinking on my own (?), although after some discussion she decided it would be better if i went and checked out some attractive Swedish architecture. She was right. Tack så mycket Clara!

The only thing i can believe less than the fact that i have been here a full week already is the fact that i am yet to make a swedish themed "musical interlude" post. OH WAIT! Love Is All "Sea sick" - such an underrated band. Sweden (and most of scandinavia) produces some of the best pop and indie pop in the world.

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